Manipulation or Good Parenting? Spoiler Alert.. I Think The Latter

Everyone is coocoo-ing about the latest viral “iPhone rules” that some mom blogger had written to her son when she gave him a cellphone for Christmas. You either love it or hate it; I’ve seen both reactions over the past few days. I’ve heard a bunch of people say the mom is humiliating and manipulating her son, treating him as an untrustworthy being without cause, etc. as she gets mom of the year award from Good Morning Whatever show on TV and their picture and story is being posted and reported in every social media site out there.

I do not love it when people exploit their kids on social media, but I think this is actually a great little set of rules by the said mom, I don’t see her as exploiting him AT ALL and here’s why:

1.) Mom bloggers exaggerate, they’re snarky funny beings, I would expect this sort of thing to pop up on any number of humorous mom blogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just made up the blog because it was funny. Newsflash, we do THAT all the time, it’s called creative writing.

2.) Kids are untrustworthy and make bad decisions. If kids weren’t doing boneheaded things like texting their private parts all over the place, then there would be no reason to put that in the rules. Unfortunately they are. Thankfully this mom has sense to teach him right from wrong.

3.) Dude, I don’t even have a phone that costs several hundred dollars, teaching kids the value of money and that it’s not unlimited is a great idea.

4.) I like her candidness. I believe it’s important to teach our kids how to act in plain terms. No shirking from the important stuff like talking about sex and anti-bullying. Props.

5.) Teach your kids manners. I have no doubt this kid says please and thank you on a daily basis. I know a few grownups that can take note of these great rules and stop texting in restaurants.

6.) It’s her kid. It’s her kid, great rules. Come back to me when she’s putting him in a dog cage or some screwed up crap like I see in the news about every other day.


5 responses to “Manipulation or Good Parenting? Spoiler Alert.. I Think The Latter

  1. I’m with you on this one. I like your reasoning.

  2. I think this mom should be given an award for the best mother of the year. I wish more people would use their cell phones the way this mom wants her son to use his.

    • I agree, we need to teach kids candidly and thoroughly about rules and pitfalls of texting and social media, thee are so many dangers and irrevocable things they can get in to and say that will stay with them forever.

      • Being open enough to remind her son not to take or send photos of private parts was so smart on her behalf, I’ve heard there are many teens now with sex offender label on them and it will limit their career choices as a result. I seriously don’t know what anyone has against what this mom did, do they ignore all parenting when it comes to phones?

      • I’ve heard that too. And to answer the question. I’m not sure.

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