Will Smith Doesn’t Have To Cuss In His Raps.. But Do I?

Will Smith

Will Smith

Remember that Grammy Awards show a while back where Will Smith was all like, “I don’t gotta cuss in my raps to sell records,” during his acceptance speech. And then Eminem came out with The Real Slim Shady and sang, “Will Smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records; but I do, so f**k him, and f**k you too!”

Both entertainers have been great at what they do. Will Smith has the nice family guy persona down pat, and Eminem is the king of the angsty jerk persona. Completely different, they’re both wildely successful. That being said, when you put them side by side Eminem has sold 4 times the amount of albums that Will Smith has, at a little over 37 million versus just over 9 million respectively. At 9 million records, Will Smith is no slouch, and he is positioned at number 17 on the top-selling rappers list of all time; but still light years ahead, Eminem is the number one best-selling rapper of all time. We really like the Jerk.

Whenever I read a really popular blog I think about Will Smith & Eminem and this comparison and wonder if there’s some sort of parallel with these two different rapping styles and bloggers?

Vulgarity sells. In music and in blogs.



It seems like so many popular blogs are “Eminem Blogs;” you know, the ones that swear like vulgar sailors, trash their family and act like they don’t care about anything in the world. There’s definitely a tried and true method that you can do well with: embracing this Eminem style. And I wonder: do you need to cuss in your blog for it to be successful? To be a good comedian?

I mean, I get it: swearing is raw emotion, and tee-hee, giggle giggle, down right funny. Many blogs I enjoy, noticeably women bloggers, (because that’s who I often read) are great comediennes, but often swear incessantly in their writing. If that’s their thing- fine. And really, I’m not saying they aren’t enjoyable.. There’s a place for every genre, but is it really possible to be a popular blogger without being vulgar? And now I sound uptight, but my family and friends read this blog and I just don’t want to go down that route. I am aware that I am not even a fraction as talented or anywhere near the caliber of some of these great women bloggers I see out there. We’re talking apples and small potatoes.. This I know. I’m just curious.

It is possible to write a Will Smith blog and be successful, and be funny or do you have to take on the bitch persona talking about how much you hate everything and want to punch kittens and such and make sure you throw in the F-bomb every couple of lines or so? I’m honestly asking. And I know so many people would respond: be true to your self, don’t worry about popularity, but who are we kidding, of course we want people to read our blogs, enjoy our work, be a popular writer. I’m just not sure if that level of popularity is possible with a Will Smith Blog filled with all sorts of non-cussing banter. Maybe part of the problem is when women have a strong outspoken opinion, they are often called bitches, so maybe my own perception is part of the problem? And I know there are plenty of good blogs that aren’t vulgar out there, but are they popular and successful and passed around the Internet like hot cakes?

It’s interesting how, for instance, the popular Facebook page, I F**king Love Science has 1.9 million fans, and their mirrored page with the clean version name, Science Is Awesome has 73 thousand fans. It speaks volumes that people are more drawn to the page title with the cuss words even though it has similar content. Maybe the Internet is a place where everybody wants to be uncensored, and to prove our stake in this uncensored world we need to mark our territory as a front running cussing shareholder. I appreciate the art of vulgar funny writing, I’ll even laugh out loud myself, I only hope and wonder if it’s not the only method to success in blogging.

If you know any popular and SUCCESSFUL blogs, it doesn’t even have to be blogs you personally even like, that does not use swear words link them below, I’d be interested checking them out and comparing them to popular blogs that do.


5 responses to “Will Smith Doesn’t Have To Cuss In His Raps.. But Do I?

  1. Reminds of the Will Ferrell movie “The Campaign”. Rented it on the tv and was so shocked, insulted, embarrassed, disgusted, and offended I turned it off after 15 minutes and called the cable company and got a refund. Cussing is one thing but also having small children doing it and ALSO having them talk about sexual acts with animals…repulsive. My coworker watched it upon me describing it and thought it was hilarious (he doesn’t have any kids might I add). His friend watched too. Thought it was hilarious. Whatever. And they commented on Facebook about how it’s brought in over $130 million at the box office. THIS is what people value? Shameful. I’m glad my kids were in the next room at the dining room table hearing the language in the movie because they personally saw my reaction and how I wanted no part of it. I spat cuss words when I’m overly upset but this was OVERboard.

  2. When I read blogs full of cussing, or I’m around people who cuss every other word I think they must not have been allowed to talk much as children. A few words have slipped out of my mouth when I was angry, but I don’t do it on my blog. I don’t like it and I don’t want to have to be someone else to bring in the viewers. I also get upset when I red blogs where people talk down to and about their children. why is that ok!?

    • Thank you for the comment, I agree with you, it bothers me when people think its ok to talk bad about their children and act like its such a pain to be a mom on their blogs and social media

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