Trace Adkins and The Confederate Flag: Disrespectful or Not that Bad?

Country Singer Trace Adkins

Country Singer, Trace Adkins, wore a very visible earpiece last night through the course of his performance toting the design of the Confederate Flag while singing at the nationally televised Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting.  The Confederate flag, also referred to as a Rebel flag,  is pretty controversial.  Some see the symbol as a mark of southern heritage and pride, some see it as a symbol of slavery and racism.  Some groups like the KKK or Neo-Nazis use the flag to symbolize their racist organizations, but so do groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, an organization that claims the flag is more about preserving their heritage than anything else.  Trace Adkins is pretty versed in politics and he was a big supporter of Mitt Romney and the Republican party.  It’s not really that surprising to me that Adkins toted the confederate flag earpiece since he is a lifetime member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as well as wrote a book titled, “A Personal Stand,” about the group, so I take it whoever booked him for the show knew the kind of politics he stood for.


What do you think: should Adkins have worn the earpiece to a national event or was it highly disrespectful and racist?  If he claims it isn’t a personal homage to slavery is he excused from the bad connotation or is the Confederate flag too embroiled in racism to ever be okay to wear and fly publicly?


4 responses to “Trace Adkins and The Confederate Flag: Disrespectful or Not that Bad?

  1. Hearing about his background – maybe, it isn’t so bad. I guess I am not so sure but I could hear both sides.

    • The American Flag was the flag flown in the wind of the 13 Constitutional states of America under slavery. The Confederate flag was created when states wished to succeed from the Union because of oppressive taxation and breaking of treaties by the Blue Coat (Union) government with the Land Owners the Cherokee and other Native tribes that fought for and with the Confederacy. When any person disrespects the facts of this history. They are only showing their own depraved intentions to Rewrite history and Save face of the Racist America we have live in from day one. Ask a Native American and stop asking hardly educated biased ignorant fools hell bent on their own agenda. Thank You

  2. I live in the south and hear the heritage argument all the time. But here’s the thing, a HUGE part of the heritage folks are celebrating is the right of states to own other people as property. So while it may be their their heritage, I think it’s as disgusting as that “Manifest Destiny” shirt the Gap was peddling. If your heritage is full of shameful people doing shameful things, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.

  3. The vast majority of folks that fought for the South never even owned slaves so it is rediculous to think they fought over slavery. I understand it is a volatile issue, but Trace obviously was not trying to stir anything up. If this is an issue like the headlines say, why are there so few comments here. Time to move on, no story here, just the media tryign to make one.

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