Bring On The Cold Medicine Baby!

As we are almost into December and right in the middle of cold and flu season, I am just starting to get my first cold of the year.  I’m starting to feel the soreness in my throat and the stuffiness in my nose creeping in, and as I’m thinking about what I can take to ease the symptoms or cross my fingers that I can ward it off before it gets too bad, it occurs to me that this is the first winter in 7 years (since I had my son in November of 2005) that I haven’t been either pregnant or breastfeeding during the cold season or winter months.  Three kids within the span of five and a half years.  I was pregnant for a total of 30 months of that time and breastfed for a total of 57 months, or easier to visualize: breastfed for 4 years & 9 months if you add it all together!

When I was pregnant or breastfeeding I was very picky about what went into my body.  No caffeine, no green tea or herbal tablets, no alcohol until my kids were 12 months old, no ibuprofen, no super-strong zit cream and very little to no cold medicine.  There were many times I suffered through sickness and colds and headaches because I was so picky.  I’d use the Netti Pot and smother on the Vicks hoping it would help slightly.. It never really did much, meanwhile my husband is saying how great his super-power cold medicines were (Ahem: you all know what a man-cold is though, right? *rolls-eyes*).

As my youngest hits the two and a half mark, it does almost feel like I should be thinking about the next one.. And all these sweet newborns I see every day online.. But then I come back to my senses and I know I’m happy and content with my three perfect children and soooo ready for this next stage in motherhood.

So now that I’ve had my last baby and he’s getting more mature by the second it seems, and I’m no longer breastfeeding and never will be again: BRING ON THE COLD MEDICINE BABY!!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin..

Um… this might be a bit too strong still..


One response to “Bring On The Cold Medicine Baby!

  1. Funny way to think about moving on to a new phase. I do hope the cold medicine works and you can put away the vicks.

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