Pregnant Again *Gasp*

Jessica Simpson has announced that she is pregnant again and all the Judgey McJudgertons on the internet and the world over are gasping faster than you can google to make sure this isn’t violating the terms of her weight watchers contract.

So what if she just had a baby 7 months ago?  So what if she is or isn’t breastfeeding (which I have no clue if she is)?  So what if she’s not married, hasn’t lost all her baby weight and does or doesn’t put being a celebrity first?  Congrats to her!  It’s amazing how we are so quick to judge celebrities that we do not know in the least, except for the snippets we see in the media or “reality” shows or on social media and we feel the need to compare their lives to ours or criticize their choices as if it affects our lives other than gives us something to read about in the daily entertainment section.  It blows my mind the amount of time we spend hating and criticizing celebrities and think that it’s okay to verbally let them know how much we think they suck and have made the wrong choices.  Check out any comment section of an article written in a popular column about a celebrity or check any celebrity twitter feed and you will see horrible vicious personal attacking comments directed at them.  I just can’t even imagine where that level of hatred comes from.  I also just can’t imagine what that must be like to sit and read though without going insane.  The same also goes for the other end of the spectrum in the form of celebrity worship, we are entirely way too obsessed with the on-goings of famous people.

For all the flack she gets for her weight.. Jessica Simpson looks pretty darn good for having a baby 7 months ago, this was on November 11th


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