Top Ten Things You Should and Shouldn’t Pack When Having a Baby In The Hospital or Birth Center

This is an everything blog.. and I don’t post nearly enough baby related posts.. What kind of Mommy Blogger do I think I am anyway??!

Ten Things You Should Pack When Having A Baby In The Hospital

Nail Clippers or Nail File:  They will NOT provide these at the hospital and my kids all came straight out of the womb with Edward Scissor caliber finger nails.

Bathrobe or Comfortable Pajamas for Yourself:  You only feel like romping around in those crappy gowns for so long.  As far as bras, I liked the ones that cross in front and have a lot of stretch in them because your boobs will be enormous.  Most of the time I just wore a nursing tank top which is pretty much a shirt and bra all in one.

Slippers:  Stroll the hallways in style!

Toiletries:  If you have special lotions and products that you use daily, they would fit under this category.

Camera/ Smart Phone: Whatever it is you’re going to use to plaster pictures all over Facebook.

Family and Friend’s Phone Numbers:  You probably have these stored in your phone already, if not, then what are you waiting for?

Going Home Outfit for Baby:  I usually dressed my kid’s in the hospital given clothes until going home time.  Bring a baby hat, the hospital ones are usually horrible.

Going Home Outfit for Mama:  You will still be bigger than your ‘normal weight,’ so probably just a comfortable maternity outfit or pajamas.

Snacks: They like to starve you.. well, not really, but late night snacks are always good and there isn’t always something available overnight at the hospital.  This is especially good to have stashed in your nightstand while you are up and breastfeeding in the middle of the night.

Car Seat: Well duh, but I bet people forget this.  Install it beforehand so your husband isn’t messing around in the parking garage for a half and hour.


Things You Don’t Need:

Magazines: Who has time for magazines?!  This goes for books and other “things to do.”   If you aren’t staring at your new bundle of joy, then you should be trying to get as much sleep as possible.  Only bring this if you need something to throw at your husband while he’s sleeping through a night feeding.

Breast Pump: They will provide super-duper electronic breast pumps at the hospital if needed.

Diapers and Wipes: These are also provided, take advantage of them while they’re free.

Toiletries:  This belongs on the DO and also the DON”T list.  Bring the brands you can’t live without, but they will provide things like soap and shampoo.

Nipple Cream:  They will provide this and most breast care items that you may need.

Sanitary Pads: They provide these humongous pads and fake underwear that are all you need to use.

Boppy Pillow: They have these at the hospital as well.

Rigid Expectations:  It’s always a good idea to prepare a ‘birth plan,’ but don’t be surprised when things don’t go according to your plans.

Multiple Baby Outfits:  Just take advantage of what the hospital has, no need to clutter up your bag and make more laundry.

Valuables:  Leave your expensive jewelry and large sums of cash at home.  They do have lock boxes at the hospital, but it’ll take forever to fill out the paperwork to use one.



9 responses to “Top Ten Things You Should and Shouldn’t Pack When Having a Baby In The Hospital or Birth Center

  1. geez, our hospital doesn’t provide, boppy pillows, nipple cream OR toiletries.

    • Really??!! At the one I gave birth at I just asked for things and they gave them to me, I guess It may be best to check ahead on that.

      • Our hospital that delivers babies, got bought but some big medical group that really doesn’t care about anything but the bottom line. You can also rent a pump, even if it is just for your stay.

  2. Great list! They wouldn’t give me baby clippers either, and my daughter was born with talons! I only disagree with magazines – a book takes too much attention span, but a few pages of a magazine was nice to have for me…

  3. Love the nail file, that’s the one thing I wish I had packed.

    They didn’t have a Boppy, but with 5 million pillows I didn’t use it much. And I ended up buying a different nursing pillow because the Boppy didn’t work out well for me.

    I ended up not needing snacks. They had so much at meals that I always had something left over and saved for later. Even with breastfeeding hunger.

    • my hospital had boppys, but actually they had something called a “Breast Friend” which was even better

      • Breast Friend, that’s what I bought when I decided I wanted something besides Boppy. A few of the ladies over on the Bump’s breastfeeding board recommended it. Love how it stayed in place thanks to the strap, Boppy kept sliding forward on me then baby would slide down between me and the Boppy. And the little pocket was handy.

        I bought it online at Babies R Us. I wish they carried at least some of the extra pillow covers. I never got around to going to the Breast Friend website to order another cover, even though they have tons of fun patterns and colors. The covers are hard to get back on. I washed it before putting the pillow away and it’s only half on.

  4. I always get my friends their own stylish hospital gown… They love them – I hate to think where those hospital gowns have been!

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