2012 and apparently the Mayans were wrong, but little did we know that something entirely unforeseen and much more dramatic was going to happen. Sorry friends, the Hostessapocalypse is now reining down on our nation like a ton of bricks. This is not a joke, this is not a drill. Twinkies, wonderbread, Ding-Dong.. All soon to be Ding-gone.

Shocking as this may all seem, the company has been going down hill for years. Hostess has been in bankruptcy twice since 2009, and has had a series of inexperienced CEOs mismanaging the company into the ground. Six to be exact in the last 8 years. Even though the company has had plenty of financial troubles, the current CEO just got a hefty raise of 300%, that’s right: from $750,000 to $2,500,000! Now that’s a whole lot of Wonderbread! The company blames it’s woes on the striking workers that (oh the horror) dared to demand benefits and fair pay, an easy scapegoat for sure. Already petitions are floating around to bailout the well indulged junk food company just like we did the auto industry, a fat mistake that would be for sure. I’m only surprised Obamacare wasn’t blamed for the snack-cake company’s downfall, which seems to be a popular excuse for millionaire and billionaire CEOs to throw around as reasons why they don’t want to supply their low paid workers with decent benefits as they sit by the pool eating Ding-Dongs to their heart’s content.

Anyway you slice it folks, sadly 18,000 Americans are now out of a job right before the holidays and hopefully they snagged a case of Twinkies on their way out the door, because apparently these snack-cakes are literally selling like hot cakes on eBay at upwards near 10,000 a box.



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    That is just nuts…

  2. Unfortunately company mismanagement has delivered the demise of many a beloved institution. Sanders Ice Cream Parlors were beloved in the Metro Detroit area. Unfortunately a greedy employee embezzled deeply & destroyed the chain of parlors and products, not the least of which was my favorite (and yours). Sanders Bumpy Cake. Also Sanders hot fudge sauce and various chocolates and other yummy confections. Hostess goodies also evoke fond, nostalgic memories that I can still taste. So sad….

  3. I see people blaming this on union bullies and I just want to barf. Seeing that CEO on the news today also made me want to barf. Eating Twinkles actually does make me barf, but the very worst thing of all is all the workers left without jobs, healthcare, etc. There are 160 here at our Denver plant. I am proud of them for daring to stand up and strike. People over profits!

  4. I had no idea that they were shutting down shop because of workers demanding rights. Shitty food, shitty company.

    • Workers rights were just a well-timed excuse used by crappy execs. they had already closed several plants and they were already floundering in bankruptcy, the strike put them over the edge and became an easy out for the company.

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  6. BCTGM, Good work. very noble. I wonder how the 13,000 non-BCTGM employees will thank you?

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