Sexiest Man ALIVE!?

Surprise Surprise, not really, but Channing Tatum, a.k.a. Magic Mike, or that dude from… nevermind, you probably don’t remember his other movies either.. has just been announced as people’s Sexiest Man ALIVE, (emphasis on ALIVE) which is a very prestigious award obviously. I really thought that Channing Tatum (does anyone else think it sounds like he has two last names, is it just me?) was barely out of his teen years, but upon googling the star I was shockingly surprised that he is actually older than I am, he’s 32! So there’s that!

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man ALIVE

Channing Tatum

Have You Seen It?

The Original Magic Mike!




3 responses to “Sexiest Man ALIVE!?

  1. I’ve never seen any of his movies so I cannot comment on his acting skills, but he does not look all that breathtaking to me from the magazine cover. Maybe I just don’t have the same tastes as most women; Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds aren’t all that attractive either.

  2. I have been saying this since i first saw him in “Step Up” years ago. And I have seen all of his movies, good or bad, just because he is in them (usually shirtless).

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