Who Celebrities are Endorsing

Election day is finally here and many of you have already voted.  As the campaigning season is coming to a close I notice my friends are pitching their last-minute endorsements as I scroll through my timelines on Facebook and twitter.  Whether you are still undecided for some odd reason or need some fluffy tidbits to browse through while you wait in suspense for the election results to come rolling in, here’s a list of which  presidential candidates that celebrities are endorsing.  While some of these endorsements may not come as a surprise, they all haven’t come as welcomed as you may think.  Like for example in 2008 when Lindsey Lohan offered to campaign for Barack Obama and she was turned down because her imagine was not quite what they were going for, (she’s since flip-flopped over to Mitt Romney), or Jenna Jameson (a porn star) who endorsed Mitt Romney while at a strip club.  Then there’s Nikki Minaj who went back and forth between the candidates and subsequently said she was joking when she first endorsed Romney.  Some celebrities may have surprised us with their level of support, like Eva Longoria, who is co-chair of Obama’s reelection campaign or Steven Spielberg who has personally given over $163k to the DNC.  There are also celebrities who seem to go on a quest of their own (come back to Earth anytime Mr. Trump), or quasi-celebrities that can’t even vote at all, (you better redneckognize ), or non-human celebs like the Muppets of Sesame Street that became an unexpected but heated topic of contention during this election.  And of course we have a handful of celebrities trying to be relevant and throwing in their support, that I have either never even heard of or heard from in years (Bonus points if you can tell me who Orsen Bean or Stacey Dash is).

Barack Obama Supporters:



George Clooney



Gwen Stefani

Mariah Caery

Lady Gaga

J.J. Abrams

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hilary Duff

Omar Epps

Aretha Franklin

Neil Patrick Harris

Salma Hayek

Alicia Keys

Michael Kors (Fashion Designer)

Jane Lynch

Toby McGuire

John Legend

Honey Boo Boo

Ricky Martin

Eva Longoria

Steven Spielberg

Jason Alexander

Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith

Stevie Wonder

Jamie Foxx

Betty White

Bill Gates

Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman of Google)

Warren Buffet

Alec Baldwin

Tyler Perry

Michael Jordan


Kerry Washington


Chris Rock

Katy Perry

Bruce Springsteen

Samuel Jackson

Sherri Shepherd

Morgan Freeman

Dave Matthews

Whoopi Goldberg


Mitt Romney Supporters:

Trace Adkins

Stacy Dash (Clueless)

Orson Bean (Desperate Housewives)

Jerry Bruckheimer

Clint Eastwood

Jenna Jameson

Jeff Foxworthy

Vince McMahon

Mike Rowe (Host of ‘Dirty Jobs’)

Scott Baio

Chuck Norris

Ted Nuget

Tina Sloan (Guiding Light)

Donald Trump

Donny Osmond

Marie Osmond

Jon Voight

Gene Simmons

Kid Rock

Kristi Yamaguchi (Former Olympic Figure Skater)

Carly Fiorina (Former Hewlett-Packard CEO)

Meat Loaf

Johnny Van Zant

Janine Turner (Northern Exposure)

The Oakridge Boys

Neal Boyd (Opera Singer)


Taylor Hicks

John Elway

Bart Starr

Andy Reid

Dave Navarro

Zac Brown

Sara Evans

Chuck Woolery

Hulk Hogan

Rickie Fowler (Golfer)

Ronnie Milsap

Sam Moore

Lee Greenwood

Jo Dee Messina

Collin Raye

Jamie O’Neal

Robert Duvall

Kelsey Grammer

Andy Garcia

Jon Voight

Patricia Heaton

Dean Cain

James Caan

Sylvester Stallone

Tom Selleck

Gary Sinese

James Woods

Erik Estrada

Lorenzo Lamas

David Zucker

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Jon Cryer

Victoria Jackson

Angie Harmon

Gerald McRaney

Heidi Montag

Connie Stevens

Joe Eszterhas

Powers Booth

John Ratzenberger

Kelly Clarkson

Charlie Daniels

Lee Greenwood

John Rich

Daddy Yankee

John Ondrasik

Joe Perry

Hank Williams Jr.

Gretchen Wilson

Randy Owen (from Alabama)

Dennis Miller

Drew Carey

Adam Sandler

Adam Carolla


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