Top Ten Reasons To Vote

I already blogged once today, and no, don’t cry, I didn’t forget about Top Ten Tuesday Folks.  Here it is, this week’s anticipation (I’m sure) is over, and of course I had to do an election themed post..

In case you are still on the fence about whether you should bother voting or not as you lounge around stuffing your face with left-over Halloween candy and pining for this pesky Election Day to pass so you can stop seeing political ads and start being bombarded with Christmas commercials on TV, here’s one last attempt to convince you that voting is pretty important.

It Has To Do With You:  Whether you are concerned with your finances or the state of marriage, abortion or marijuana consumption in this country, these rights and regulations are yours and you should pay attention and care about the outcomes.

Your Children’s Future:  We may not see many immediate changes short-term, but many of the policies the candidates vie for will affect your children’s future.

Local Elections:  Still not convinced that your vote counts.. We aren’t just voting for the president today, but in local elections as well, and you may see more of an impact in these local races than you realize.

Our Forbearers Fought for This:  Whether it’s the Patriots in rebellion, African-Americans becoming citizens, or Women who weren’t officially amended to vote into the constitution until the 1920’s, those who came before us fought for our ability to vote.  Make them proud.

If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Complain:  Hey, this is American, we LOVE to complain.  If you have some free-time scroll though Amazon reviews and you‘ll get to see just how much time people have to waste complaining about the littlest thing.  The only prerequisite to complaining like a Rockstar is voting for your beliefs.

Guilt Free Summer BBQ’s:  I don’t see how you can wear red white and blue top hats and eat apple pie on the Fourth Of July if you don’t do your duty and participate in the process.

It’s Easy:  There’s a whole ton of little old ladies just waiting  at the polling stations to tell you how to use the voting booth.  It may seem intimidating to be alone behind that curtain, but it’s fairly quick, painless and easy to do.  I promise, they won’t make you turn your head and cough.

Kodak Moment:  How will you fit in with all your buddies on social media if you don’t instagram yourself donning a fresh I VOTED sticker?

Power:  You actually have the power to decide who your local and national officials are.  That makes you their boss.

Your Vote Does Really Count:  It has happened before that states have won by a measly few hundred votes.  That’s pretty close when it comes to a country filled with millions of people.  It’s usually even closer with local races.  Be one of the votes that puts your favorite over the edge.

If all these reasons don’t convince you to head straight over to your polling place today, then maybe the idea that if you don’t vote, mine and all those idiots our loved ones on Facebook votes will count twice.  Personally I can’t wait to cast my ballot (with three kids in tow no-less, that outta be real fun) and am looking forward to tonight being able to hover over the glow of CNN and listen to all the pundits hash and re-hash everything we’ve just gone through for the past few months and watch the results come in state by state.  At the very least, vote in my unofficial poll!  Sorry, no sticker, but you can still Instagram it and grab yourself a cookie!



3 responses to “Top Ten Reasons To Vote

  1. I’m all about guilt free summer BBQ’s!!! I also feel it’s important to vote because a showing from various demographics mean that the issues that mean most to us will continue to stay in the spotlight in future lessons.

  2. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to get out there and vote, I saw a couple good reasons on your list so I’ll be off to the polls asap.

  3. I voted first thing this morning and had a great time doing it. Hope everyone gets out there!

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