What I’m Doing To Prepare For Frankenstorm

It’s very important to be prepared for anything, here’s what I’m doing around the house in case Frankenstorm hits hard!

1). Watching up my shows on the DVR: Who knows when I’ll be able to get my reality TV fix again. This includes all the back episodes of Survivor I’ve missed this year. I’ll need tips on survival skills in case we lose power, like making forts and finding immunity idols

2). Buying extra wine: Do not want to be tragically ill prepared in case of road closures.

3). Locating the candles and matches cause I want to live like the olden days: Just kidding, I can’t find any flashlights and I think my kids broke them all anyway. We do have glow pets and laser pointers though.

4). Making sure I have a pencil and paper located: I want to make sure I write down all the funny tweets I think of if my Internet goes down.

5). Charging my tablets, ipod and and electronic devices: Without reality TV I’d be bored to tears without Angry Birds and Oregon Trail.

6). Stocking up on Halloween candy: Just in case we can’t go trick or treating and I don’t have one of my kid’s candy bags to raid.

7). Hiding all my kid’s noisy toys in the basement: I don’t want my kids to know where they are if they can’t play video games. Plus just in case we flood, it’s a good way to “accidentally” declutter.

8). Stocking up on Lemonade: I bet my kids’ll be the only ones out there with a stand- price gouging jackpot! Cha-Ching!


9). Mainly I’m hanging out in my Jammies: Don’t want to worry the kids in a time of crisis!


2 responses to “What I’m Doing To Prepare For Frankenstorm

  1. Genius Idea’s!! love it

  2. hahaha awesome! laughed out loud the whole time.

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