Ten Things To Do When You Have Bloggers Block

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things To Do When You Have Bloggers Block


Read Other Blogs:  Sometimes reading the thoughts of what others deem as funny
or important can spark ideas in yourself.

Talk To A Friend:  Bounce an idea off of someone close to you.  I usually think
of a number of blogging ideas by just talking to my Mom.   Our gossiping and
griping often turn into perfect material for a good post.

Read A Book:  I always get inspired to write by reading books.   The eloquent words of
the masters makes me want to strive to be a better writer.  This sometimes
backfires when I’m trying to read a book, and all I can think about is my own

Just Write:  If this was so easy, then you wouldn’t have bloggers block, right?
It doesn’t have to be full sentences, it doesn’t have to flow or make sense, or
even be one single idea.  Make a list of potential blog titles.  Get anything
that comes to mind out in print.  This will often turn into something great.

Read The News:  Give a good rant and express yout thoughts on the latest current events.
Timely blogs on news stories are sure to bring traffic to your blog.

Go For A Walk:  Walking alone taking in all of nature is peaceful and
therapeutic, it can clear your head and break up some of the nonsense that is
boggling your mind.

Go For A Drive:  I usually daydream when I drive.  Oftentimes while on a long
drive I’ll have written entire blogs in my head.

Take A Shower:  Being in a shower is like being in an alternate universe where
for ten minutes nothing and no body else exists.  It can recharge your brain and
give you a private space to sort your thoughts.

Post A Picture:  A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?  Describe what you
see, start with a caption or write a poem.  Sometimes short posts can say the

Write A Top Ten List:  If all else fails you can probably think of your top
picks in any topic.


4 responses to “Ten Things To Do When You Have Bloggers Block

  1. I love it! I’m a new blogger so I haven’t yet hit my “block,” but I know that it’ll hit me eventually!!!

  2. Nice list. You’re right about the shower.

  3. I agree about the shower, too. Water therapy!

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