Too Soon To Shop?

Last month people were complaining that Halloween stuff was already on shelves and in the stores way too early, and now this month, people are complaining that Christmas
trees and such are starting to pop up in stores before Halloween even has a chance to go by.  The complaints go something like, "don't rush the holidays" or "why do things come out earlier and earlier every year?!"  Personally I don't mind.  I actually like starting to think about Christmas/ Holiday shopping

Between my kids, husband and I, starting on Halloween and going till december, we have 3 birthdays, plus Halloween plus Thanksgiving, plus Christmas, plus our Anniversary plus a nephew's birthday, plus two huge extended families and things really add up.  We like to start shopping as early as we can, buying something here or there when we find good deals or have some extra cash, so the end of the year holidays don't hit the pocketbook quite so hard all at once.

Are decorations really coming out earlier and earlier? I don’t think so because I remember distinctly all the holiday complainers were complaining about the same exact thing last year and the year before that.  And mark your calendars folks, I’m pretty sure the stuff will be out the same time next year.  If goods weren’t flying off the shelves, let me assure you, stores would not be stocking them.

Do I start decorating my house for Christmas in October? No, but seeing wreaths in the grocery store in September doesn’t really bother me and I still have plenty of time to celebrate Halloween and so on without feeling pushed into the next one simply because retailers are making the most of the holiday shopping
season.  Take a breath and enjoy at your own pace.

Is seeing valentine's day crap in January annoying, yes, but that's not because the stores are pushing the holidays, it's because OMG my eyes bug out with the massive pink heart explosion display.

What do you think: do stores push the holidays too fast, and does it bother you to see certain things out on shelves way before the season starts?


4 responses to “Too Soon To Shop?

  1. Oh don’t get me going on this one! I avoid stores from October until after January. Bah Humbug!!

  2. I think you’ve just reduced my stress level by 30%. Suddenly, I feel I don’t have to succumb to the pressure of buying decorations for holidays that are three calendar months away. I can just take it all in and go at my own pace. Phew.

    • I can’t say that I’m not stressed during the holidays, because ugh- they do hit hard.. but laws of physics or something like that say they come at the same pace no matter how we prepare 🙂

  3. i have to admit.. im one of those people.. I think it starts earlier and earlier every year and we still end up doing the shopping at the very last minute… thats just how we roll around here

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