Welcome to My Very First Third Blog!

Picking a blog name is pretty much the opposite of whatever the cat’s meow is.  Every good simple thing is taken so you’re left with mommyblogger123456789.com or some such tragic random thing that doesn’t really fit you or isn’t very remarkable anyway.  I want to know who the early birds were that apparently got on the Internet the first fricken day and took all the simple good website names and screen names and wrecked it up for the rest of us jokers who are now stuck with the leftover crap no one wants.  Then there’s the names that seem so nichey and perfect, Hippy Mom, Cooking Mom, Science Guy. I can’t pretend to be any of that crap.  Am I the only who isn’t defined by a single hobby?  I have hobbies, I guess, but really I just like starting projects and not finishing them.  I want all the exhilaration but often lack the follow through.  And this started way before Pinterest was invented.  Hey can I blame this on being a mom?  I didn’t even check, but I bet Random Unfocused Mom is even taken.  Everything’s taken.

So I’m the one zillionth person to start a blog, well, actually this is my third blog, but hey who’s counting, and plus isn’t the fun part designing the thing and making grandiose plans and never following through.  Oh wait, so that’s why nobody can find good screen names; all these bloggers like me, on their third blog already, blogging aimlessly into cyberspace just hogging the good names while the interesting nichey folks twiddle their thumbs waiting for the account to expire.  Does that happen?  What’s the shelf life of an abandoned blog name?  There should really be a thirty-day limit here.  The owner of the Internet should really Peter Walsh that crap right out of cyber-space.  Is that show still on?

I’m getting bored already so let’s move on.  My name is Andrea.  Let’s face it, that Domain name will never be open.  Dammit first Andrea.  And my name isn’t even in the top 100 list.  I feel bad for The dude trying to get Jacob.com.  Give up now, your names been on the top 100 list for at least 125 years.  My nickname is Mango- Derp.  Never going to open up.  So there I sat and sat and stared at the blank screen, when what did appear right before my very eyes.  Mandreago.  If you are still trying to figure it out, it’s a word play with the two names combined.  Perfect.  Done.  Plus I was really indecisive with which direction I was going anyway.  Now I don’t have to choose.  Perfect. Mandreago.  I understand this says absolutely nothing about me, but remember, I’m not really going with that route anyway.

So back to these two other blogs, let me explain myself since I know you’re pissed that I’m wasting good names in cyberspace that you’ll never get to choose from, but not to fear, ’cause the first one was on Blogger, sort of a test run, but Blogger is excruciatingly annoying to comment on, so don’t bother signing up over there.  Is WordPress any better?  Who the heck knows.  I like starting new projects, remember.  So I’m just jumping in without checking that out.  The second blog I write for is for a local paper, the D&C.  I love blogging there, and am not planning on giving that up any time soon, but there’s certain restraints like no swearing and I can’t say mean things like “Santa’s not real you little brats,” ‘cause you know, it’s family oriented and stuff.  So here we are, and instead of hemming and hawing about what to narrow my little niche about, I’m going to embrace my indecisiveness and write about any old darn thing that floats my boat.  Maybe some mom stuff, maybe some history, maybe political.  Maybe food.  Whatever.  Buckle up.  So do people pimp out their first third blog?  Of course they do.


15 responses to “Welcome to My Very First Third Blog!

  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. Yes, WordPress is better. Yay for new blogs! I get the urge to start a new one every year.

  3. OMG I think I love you! No, I know I do. Perfect train of thought.
    Teach me how to work WordPress. Everyone says to leave Blogger for WP. Is it as great as they claim?

  4. yup. WP is way better than Blogger. Welcome 🙂

  5. I love WordPress. I’ve done both and by far WordPress is best although I’m gonna set my oldest (7) up on blogger cause I can supervise it closer 😉

  6. We are so much alike it scary. I like your D&C blog, I’ve kept up with it for like months now. Actually that make you very lucky. I always intend on reading all these great blogs by really smart women but I usually forget the names. Soo anywho I have also put my name in this ring yet haven’t said a damn thing. I do have stuff to say but the procrastinating and indecisive parts of me have won so far. Look forward to read your bloggety blog. Love ya!!!

  7. I love this post and you’re hilarious. Oh and also this is slightly nudging me to write another blog post. I’m feeling like I need some updating on the aesthetics of mine. We’ll see. Welcome new blog!

    • Thanks Amy.. yes, you need to get back in the saddle and blog some more.. I still need to clean up somethings too.. right now it’s like a house.. always working on making repairs!

  8. Reblogged this on Susanraetulsa's Blog and commented:
    She’s my cup of tea with or without sugar she’s great!!!

  9. Well, hello! I laughed out loud at the title of this post and had to come read. You are a funny lady. See you around the blogosphere.

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